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Harvest© - Benefits and Outcomes

AD - Durban Metro Police.
I also realised that this was not a once-off exercise, but rather a life-changing experience. The "Value Circle" was established to assist us to grow in our new found knowledge. Furthermore, the agreed upon values would continue to regulate future behaviour and interaction with others.


BMW -SA, Umhlali.
I have always had adjustment problems even in school. My own family don’t even understand me. In just two days, I have experienced everyone, and everyone has experienced me.


RT - Dean - Times² Academy - Providence, RI, USA
The school is not the same without you. You have left a permanent impression and a loving legacy here.


SR - Waltons - Durban
Never before have I seen such togetherness and willingness of people from different cultures and backgrounds to participate openly with love and understanding on issues relating to humanity.


JA - Rennies Cargo Terminals - Durban
The learning that occurred without being aware of making any effort was astounding and still today many people speak of the lessons learnt. There is no doubt that the programme did much to lessen tensions in the workplace and to create a more harmonious environment. This positive change has come about as a direct consequence of improved communication between individuals at every level.


A 12 month Transformational Team-building© programme including the Foundation©, the Values Circle©, the First Values Circle© Meeting and the Gathering©.


Transformation and Harmony

  • Organisations and teams will enjoy improved team harmony, commitment and results after completing and sustaining the Harvest© programme.
  • The programme substantially develops long term transformation, teamwork, co-operation, respect and understanding within diverse teams.

Life-long Learning

  • All Celebrating Humanity© programmes are designed to stimulate life-long learning. Thereby transforming individuals and teams by developing the knowledge, understanding and the emotional intelligence of participants.


The Harvest© develops within delegates a deep understanding of:-

  • Dependency, Independency and Inter-dependency:-
  • Our need for others to survive and succeed.
  • The fact that our actions, positive or negative, impact ourselves, our teams and our dependents
  • The vital need for Teamwork to succeed.
  • The fact that teams can only win through Respect, Tolerance and Understanding.
  • The fact that the more Diverse the Team the more we win.
  • Diversities within the team and respect for unique skills, talents, genders, knowledge, traditions, cultures and religions.

Delegate skills and knowledge are built in the areas of:-

  • Interpersonal and Intra-personal Understanding and Communication
  • Skills for handling Reactions to emotions
  • Problem-solving and Solution-finding skills

The programme helps each delegate to:

  • Identify and change down old prejudicial paradigms.
  • Take Responsibility for his/ her Attitudes, Communication and Behaviour.
  • Cleanse past actions.
  • Commitment to the future.
  • Shift their paradigms relating to race, relationships, genders, and issues of diversity.

It further develops:-

  • An understanding of the relevance of their behaviour as leaders.
  • Their Relevance as Individuals & co-operating Team Members.
  • Accountability and responsibility for individual actions within their team
  • A formalised peer selected, driven and managed Values Circle© to maintain Praise/ Honouring, Understanding, Guidance, Support and Discipline



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