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....feedback from our Clients

It was memorable. A great experience. The dancers. The water example, your style. Felt lots of emotions. Felt uncomfortable, touched. Your emotions. I heard your message. The music. The dance. VN - Consultant

It was wonderful. It gave good exposure to other cultures. Lever Ponds - Durban

I was touched by your emotions. It was great! Your role was exceptionally good. Portnet - Durban

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the story telling - the stories really hit home through the pictures they created. You have lived the stories, that makes them very relevant. Std Bank

You bring your message with so much heart. You feel it. You can talk with real experiences. A powerful message about culture. The entry was great, speaking Zulu - working with feelings. Portnet - Durban

I loved it! Kohler Corrugated - Durban

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“The dimmed room swirls with movement as the delegates break through their inhibitions into fluid Hindi dance. Incense wafts through the room and the sound of music guides the delegates to express themselves. Giggles subside as a feeling of freedom takes over from apprehension...

Suddenly a band of ululating Zulu dancers burst into the room, drums beating, shields and assegais waving The experience has taken an unexpected turn……”

Working with the senses of sound, sight, touch, taste and smell our processes impact the programmes that live deep within the sub-conscious. Hidden feelings, decision mechanisms and their effects are revealed in simple effective processes.

Delegates and teams are tested in real live experiential situations through Exhilarating Learning© methodologies. Processes may include music, song, competition, dance, sharing, storytelling, games and surprises!

The expectations of delegates are very often different to the profound transformation that they experience.

Venue selection and preparation form a huge part of the success of Transformational Team-building©

Our facilitators have experienced their topics. They are not merely informed intellectuals who pontificate upon theory. They have lived, felt, tasted, seen, heard, smelt and internalized their learnings and are able to share at the deepest level, with their delegates.

Be sure that whatever processes are chosen, or designed, for your people and teams they will experience life. They will experience positive and powerful change and their lives will be better for the time spent together with our teams.

Story Time

Unity in Diversity - Presenter - Arthie Moore Westcliff Hotel 9 2004

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